Group Companies

Yönma Metal

Yönma Metal is Established as a First Experience in Industry.

Yönma Metal, which is our first production experience among our group companies, has a background of 32 years. Annually 1.400 tons aluminum sheet and plate are produced within the entity of the company. The sheets, basic raw material of the non-burning and non-stick and aluminum kitchen equipment, are produced radial and angled between 0,8 and 12 mm.

Balsuyu Agriculture

Balsuyu Tarım is Established for Investment in the Future

Culture of agriculture is a reflection of loyalty of this land. We conduct on the fertile Maraş Plain the plantation of cotton, the basic raw material of our textile facilities, wheat, corn and modern orcharding. We combine good agriculture practices and intensive and modern methods at every stage of the production.

Balsuyu Ginning

Balsuyu Ginning is Established for Increasing our Quality in Textile.

Our ginning facility, which started its activity in 2011, is established in order to process the cotton of our country on an area of total 70.000 m2, of which 16.000 m2 is closed, and to increase our quality at our textile facilities to higher levels. The facility, processing 100 tons non-ginned cotton serves an important role in our “ from cotton to fabric” unity of our quality.

ÇMS Textile

ÇMS is Established for Integration in Textile.

At ÇMS, our locomotive company in textile, we are producing yarn, knitted and dyed fabrics. While in Balsuyu Textile at our open-end facility, we are producing synthetic and melange mixtures, in our open-end facility at ÇMS, cotton and viscose products are produced. Our fabrics, produced in our knitting facility as tubular and open width, are delivered to our customers being bleached, dyed and then according to the demand may be finished like brushing&carbon brushing in our knitting dye house.

ÇMS Marketing

ÇMS Marketing is Established for the Balsuyu Brand in the World.

With ÇMS Marketing, responsible for the worldwide promotion and marketing operations of our products, we are exporting to three continents with a global vision. We meet our products with the target audience and continuously improve our brand positioning by regularly participating to special fairs.

Acemoğlu Social Facilities

Acemoğlu is Established as our Flag in the Service Sector.

We aim to both generate employment and to enrich our corporate culture by investing in different sectors. Our corporate culture, which targets to set the quality lath to the highest level in every sector we are represented in, generates with Acemoğlu social living areas and realizes investments in the social sectors.

ADB Energy, Marel Energy, Çağlayan Energy, Alperen Energy

Our Energy Companies are Established for Illuminating our Future.

The energy sector, which has a strategic importance,has a priority to illuminate not only the future of our group, but also of our country. We both target to contribute add value to our country and to inherit future generations a livable environment by investing into environment friendly, renewable energy sources particularly.